Rules & Regulations




1. SIGNS & ATTACHMENTS.   Nothing shall be placed on, or hung from, the outside of the building, windows, doors, patios, or balconies. No signs or advertising notices of any kind shall be attached to any part of the outside of the building. No satellite dishes attached to siding or roof and NO hole through siding for dish cables.

2. MOVE IN/OUT TIMES.   Moving into or out of any unit is restricted to the hours between 7:00a.m. and 9:00p.m..

3. ENTRANCES, WALKS,ETC..  Entrances, walks, landings and other public areas outside of the apartments shall not be obstructed or used for any other purpose than for ingress or egress to and from the building or apartments. No waste receptacles, footwear, umbrellas or anything else of this sort to be left on patio or balcony.

4. LOCKS & KEYS.  No locks shall be changed or added in any way, to any door, except with prior written consent of Owner or Management. There shall be a charge for replacing lost keys, opening doors for resident lockouts, and for keys resident fails to return.

5. DISTURBANCES AND NOISES.  Loud noises and other disturbing acts in the apartment or on adjoining property that interferes with the rights, comforts, or convenience of other residents are prohibited at all times. E.g. Children screaming outside or loud music. ANY CRIMINAL ACTIVITY ON OUR PROPERTY IS GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE EVICTION!

6. WALLS, ALTERATIONS, ETC.  The walls, ceilings, and woodwork must not be marred by driving nails, tacks, or screws, or by otherwise defacing the same, except for standard picture hooks, shade and curtain rod brackets. No alterations, additions, or improvement shall be made in the apartment without the prior written consent of the Owner or Management.

7. OCCUPANTS AND GUEST.  NO occupants other than those listed on Rental Application will be allowed to establish residency without prior written permission of Owner or Management. There shall be no more than four persons occupying any two-bedroom rental unit. Residents shall be responsible and liable for the acts of their guest. Acts of guests in violation of the lease, or Management’s rules and regulations, may be deemed by Management to be a breach by Resident.

8. STORAGE.  Storage areas have been provided in the garage of each unit. Storage in such areas shall be at the Resident’s risk and neither the Owner nor Management shall be responsible for any loss or damage from fire, theft, or otherwise. Nothing of any kind that would increase fire risk shall be taken to or placed in storage areas. NO working on vehicles.

9. BALCONIES AND PATIOS.  Balconies and patios shall be kept neat and clean at all times. No Garbage bags left on patio. Resident shall not store or hang rugs, towels, laundry, or other such items on the railings or other portions of the balcony or patio. Absolutely no garbage container or grills may be kept on patio or balcony. Bicycles, furniture, carts, and similar items should be kept in the apartment or in the garage, and may not be kept on the patios, or items will be removed by the maintenance staff. No dust, rubbish, litter, or anything else shall be swept, thrown or emptied from any of the windows or balconies or patios. NO GRILLS!

10. PARKING AND GARAGES.  NO PARKING IN FRONT OF GARAGES! Parking shall be permitted only in those areas or spaces designated by the Owner or Management. Inoperable and/or unlicensed vehicles shall not be parked or stored on the property. Any vehicles that are improperly parked, inoperable, or unlicensed may be towed away at the expense of the vehicle’s owner. The garages are for parking your car, not only as a storage unit. In addition, no major work or building projects are permitted in the garages or anywhere else on the property. If you have a second vehicle park it in designated areas. Residents agree to abide by such parking regulations and to require guests to abide by such parking regulations. No electrical appliances may be hooked up to the electrical outlets in the garage. If parked in front of garage your car WILL BE TOWED at your expense. Also do not park along fence line at end of driveway during snow as we need this area free to push snow.

11. GARBAGE AND RECYCLING.  Garbage receptacles shall be used as directed by the Management. Garbage and refuse shall be placed in designated garbage receptacles, not on the ground or floor around the receptacles. Recycling shall be done in accordance to the law, if not done properly you can be fined up to $1000.00.   No oil or tires!

12. WINDOW TREATMENTS.  Blinds have been installed by the owner over some of the windows in your apartment. These blinds may not be removed by Residents, without the express written consent of Owner or Management.

13. PETS.  Some pets will be allowed with signed pet agreement with some restrictions. No dogs on property even a short visit. $100.00 non-refundable fee per cat.

14. WATER BEDS.  No water beds shall be allowed in the apartment without prior written consent of Owner or Management with the proof of current water bed damage insurance.

15. INSURANCE.  Owner and Management recommend that Resident obtain personal insurance and personal liability insurance. The Owner has no insurable interest in Resident’s personal property including your vehicle and will not be liable for acts of Resident or Resident’s guest or pets. Renter’s insurance is around $150.00 a year.

16. CARE OF APPLIANCES AND EQUIPMENT.  The interior and exterior of all appliances should be kept clean at all times. Refrigerators should be regularly defrosted and no ice picks or sharp objects should be used. No ornamental stickers, pictures or transparencies should be pasted on appliances, walls or doors. Do not overload washer or dryer, as this will make them break down. Garbage disposals are only for small particles of food that is rinsed off plates, not potato peels, food scraped off plates or the likes. This will clog and ruin disposal which is tenant neglect.

17. DEFECTIVE FIXTURES OR EQUIPMENT. Leaking faucets, and any suggestions or complaints should be reported to the Manager.

18. DAMAGES.  Damage caused to an apartment by the Resident shall be paid for by the Resident, including maintenance calls resulting from negligence on the part of the Resident.  All maintenance or service calls shall be directed through the Management’s Representative with the Resident being billed for the cost of said service call resulting from the negligence or lack of maintenance by the Resident.  This would include such items as clogged toilets, drains, ect., as well as any other broken or abused items in the apartment.

19. PAINTING.  The apartment, which you are renting, has been inspected and painted, if necessary, prior to your occupancy. At the termination of your occupancy, an inspection will be made to determine if painting will be necessary to bring the apartment back to the condition it was in at the time of your occupancy, normal wear and tear expected. If painting is necessary at the termination of your occupancy, it is Lessee’s responsibility to pay the cost of said repainting. If Lessor is required to paint the apartment, the actual cost of said painting will be deducted from the security deposit pursuant to a three-year prorating schedule.

20. CLEANING. When vacating the premises, walls, windows, floors, cupboards, appliances and all kitchen and bathroom fixtures must be cleaned by the Resident, as well as be in the same satisfactory condition they were in when you took occupancy. Any cleaning or repair costs incurred by Westcourt Apartments due to tenant’s damage, waste or neglect, will be deducted from security deposit.

21. SECURITY DEPOSIT.  A security deposit is required from every tenant against damage or loss to the premises, and said security deposit cannot be used for last month’s rent. The security deposit shall be held pursuant to an in accordance with the terms of the lease, with the additional provision being that $100.00 of said security deposit shall be used by Management at the time Resident vacates the apartment to clean the carpets and flooring in the apartment unit. This amount shall be non- refundable. This provision shall in no way absolve the Resident from leaving the property in a clean and tenable condition at the time of vacating the unit, normal wear and tear excluded. State of Wisconsin requires that security deposits must be returned within 21 days of the end of your lease. Upon receipt of paid utilities, inspection and satisfaction of condition of your apartment, your security deposit, less any amount withheld as per a violation or notification of the lease and Westcourt/ Davis Circle Apartment’s rules and regulations contained herein, will be returned.

22. RE-RENTAL COSTS/LATE CHARGES. If any re-rental costs, bank service charges on any unpaid rent or any charges remain outstanding at the termination of tenancy; these amounts will be deducted from the security deposit. There will be a $50.00 fee for late payment of rent from the 6th through the 15th, $100.00 for rent paid after the 15th.  and $50.00 charge for any checks returned NSF.

23. MODIFICATIONS. Owner reserves the right at any time to change or rescind one or more of these rules and regulations as in Owner’s judgement may be deemed advisable to promote the safety, care, and cleanliness of the premises and for the preservation of good order.

24. ALTERATIONS WITH PERMISSION.  Any alterations made to the apartment with the Owner’s permission, shall remain with the property when the tenant vacates.

25. UTILITIES. Utilities must be changed over in your name before receiving keys and Resident must show receipt of such change when receiving your keys. Resident will be responsible for all utility bills. Unpaid utility bills are a breach of your lease and you may be asked to vacate due to this. I do receive notice from the utilities if they are in arrearage.